Bulk Materials Storage

Australia's Leader In Bulk Materials Storage

What do you need from your material storage system?
Fast installation?
Ability to maximise use of your warehouse?
Durability and safety?
Flexibility to change as volumes change?
Re-useable at end of life?

It’s a pretty demanding list of requirements. No product could tick all the boxes, until now.

Interbloc is a unique modular wall system used for bulk materials storage in warehouses. We have over 15 years experience in supplying efficient storage solutions to some of Australia’s leading fertiliser and logistics companies.

At the heart of the system is a proprietary interlocking concrete block. Like lego – the blocks can be stacked to create flexible, durable, and safe structures. Its very fast to install, and can be reconfigured with ease to accomodate changing volumes.

We work with you and supply superior materials storage solutions.

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"We had a small crisis at work, our loading bank for chip and residues was falling. The would stop our operation. The team at Interbloc gave us a solution that we could dismantle and rebuild our wall in 1½ days. The advice was good, the service prompt and the result was great. I would recommend Interbloc when you need a fast, stable wall for a competitive price."
Conrad Whittle
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