Create Bulk Storage the Easy Way.

What do mining operations, recycling plants, fertiliser depots, and civil contractors all have in common? They require bulk materials storage. In the case of Incitec Pivot, the requirement was rationalisation of their operations. With Fulton Hogan, bulk storage systems were used to improve efficiency in their bitumen plant. 


Easy to Build


Because modular systems are built primarily in a factory and simply assembled on-site, they offer a very fast build. That makes our interlocking modular wall system the perfect choice for storage needs. With a build speed of roughly 140m2 per day, your bulk storage system will be ready to go very quickly when compared to traditional systems.


Easy to Change


Once your storage facilities are in place, they need to be able to change as your needs change. If you need to extend your storage capacity as your business grows, for example, you don’t want to be making large capital investment on rebuilding an inflexible materials storage system.


The interlocking concrete blocks in modular walls systems fit together securely but they are not held together by mortar. Instead, our tongue and groove interlocking design provides a shear key in both horizontal directions which allows the blocks to be easily stacked together. This means storage extensions, reductions, reconfigurations, and relocations can be easily done at a low cost. 


Strong and Flexible


Be sure not to confuse flexibility with weakness. Despite the fact that you can pull it apart like Lego, when in place, interlocking concrete blocks create an extremely strong structure. The way the pieces fit together creates a shear key in both horizontal directions. Combined with the weight of the block, or vertical reinforcing, this allows the wall to withstand even the harshest environment. 


Easy to Maintain


When building bulk materials storage for your business, its a good idea to think far beyond up-front costs. Long-term thinking will help you evaluate each option, not just for the next year but for the next decade – can it go the distance and if capacity constraints arise, how hard will they be to fix? Durable, flexible options are always better because they reduce the costs of doing business over time. 


Modular bulk storage systems, made from solid vibrated concrete, are highly durable. Vibrating the concrete expels air bubbles from the mix and creates a more solid block. What’s more, even when something does go wrong, maintenance is relatively cheap because only the individual blocks need to be repaired, or replaced, not the whole system. This is especially important in the harshest environments such as quarries. 


Easy to Afford


Bulk storage should help you boost profits and reduce overall running costs, not add a big red line to your budget. Modular wall systems made from interlocking concrete blocks are very affordable, both up-front and long-term. 


Modular construction massively reduces your labour costs because builds are faster and simpler, and most of the work is done in the factory before the blocks are even delivered to you. Efficiencies are also delivered by the ease of repair discussed above, as well as the cost-effective nature of adjustments and extensions to the structure. 


Get in Touch


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