Interbloc is a MSE Wall System.

When Industrial Processors faced an urgent requirement to build a high surcharge retaining wall fast, they turned to Interbloc. Our one tonne interlocking precast concrete wall system combined with Stratagrid for a faster, stronger, safer wall.



Industrial Processors operation had an existing timber retaining wall which was failing, leading to a requirement to replace the wall. Time was of the essence, as an extended shutdown impacts on operations.

Industrial Processors canvassed all the possible retaining wall options, and choose Interbloc due to the cost efficiency, speed of construction, and ability to move the wall as the business grew and the site configuration changed.

The end result was a retaining wall up to 5.4m high, installed in a 7 days and on a compacted gravel foundation.


Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) Walls:

What is a MSE wall?

MSE is a method of reinforcing a wall to withstand high loads. It’s common with bridge culverts and high retaining walls. Essentially it ties the wall elements (in our case Interbloc blocks), to the retained soil using a matt like material. In the case of Industrial Processors Stratagrid was used. The matting it layered, and the backfill and soil is compacted as the wall is built. The matt is also sandwiched between the blocks to create one complete and strong structure.

MSE is a faster, more cost effective, and stronger solution when building retaining walls with large loadings. There’s numerous different MSE systems out on the market, however its only when MSE and Interbloc are combined that you truly get the unique benefits of speed, durability, and flexibility.


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