Need More Materials Storage Fast? Go Modular.

Whether you’re extending a warehouse or creating new bulk storage facilities, our modular wall systems can help you get the job done fast. Modular construction saves in multiple ways – by speeding build times, minimising disruptions to your operations, and saving you money. To find out how, read on. 


Time Saver 1: Fast Builds


A modular approach can reduce build time by 30-50%, or even more. There are a few reasons for this. First or all, modular construction allows you to layer elements of the process over one another, rather than doing them end-to-end. With traditional building materials, the build process requires large inputs of skilled labour. However, with a modular approach, construction takes place much faster and with lower labour inputs. This means stacking the blocks can reduce the build time by 30-50%.


Time Saver 2: Minimal Disruption to Your Business


A less direct way that modular walls systems save you time is by minimising the interruptions to your regular operations – just check out how Incitec Pivot achieved this. A messy construction project that would have involved shutting down a complete operation was avoided thanks to modular construction. 


By allowing your productivity to remain almost uninterrupted, this approach saves you time and money!


Time Saver 3: Lower Costs Mean You Can Build Today


There are few things more frustrating than realising your business needs more capacity to thrive and knowing that your budget won’t allow growth for quite a while. All that lost time and lost profitability can be demoralising. One of the great things about a modular approach is the massive labour efficiencies it brings. You’ll be paying fewer labour costs for less time and still getting a great result. That means you can get the new structures you need today and start seeing the benefits as quickly as possible. 


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